Certificates – Death

FINAN, Margaret Maude J.
PEARSON, Margaret Maude married name FINAN
b 21 Apr 1898 ~ d 11 Mar 1951
Daughter of Alfred James PEARSON & Nora CANTY
Occupation: Housewife
Reason Dec: Chronic Endometritis and Myocarditis
Finan, Vincent P
b 10 Nov 1895 ~ d 22 Jul 1961
Married to Margaret Maude J. PEARSON
Occupation: Retired
Reason Dec: Possible Cerebral Thrombosis
KOEHOLER, Elizabeth “Lizzie”
b 5 May 1864 ~ 18 Nov 1937
Daughter of Christian Peter KOEHLER and Sophie LAMBERT
Married to William Henry JARVIS
JARVIS, Frank Arthur
  b 26 Jul 1892 ~ d 25 Dec 1956
Son of William JARVIS and Elizabeth KOEHLER
Married to Iris Madeline ROLLER
Occupation: Painter
Reason Dec: Coronary Occlusion
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JARVIS, Robert “Bobby” Eugene
b 22 Sep 1926 ~ d 7 Oct 1967
Son of Franklin Arthur JARVIS & Iris Madeline ROLLER
Married to Constance “Connie” M. TAKIS
Occupation: Service Station Attendant
Reason Dec: Coronary Occlusion & Coronary Artery Disease
JARVIS, William Henry
5 Sep 1885 ~ 18 Mar 1915
Son of William Henry JARVIS and Elizabeth “Lizzie” KOEHOLER
Occupation: Painter & Paper Hanger
Reason Dec: Acute Bronchial Pneumonia
b 7 Oct 1865 ~ d 10 Apr 1902
Son of John PEARSON and Nancy Unknown Surname
Married to Nora CANTY
Reason Dec: Pulmonary Congestion
PEARSON, Elizabeth “Bessie” Virginia
JARVIS, Elizabeth “Bessie” Virginia married name PEARSON
b 29 Sep 1898 ~ d 2 Apr 1977
Married to George James PEARSON, Sr.
Occupation: Housewife
Reason Dec: Cerebral Thrombosis

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Death Certificate for Elizabeth Bessie Jarvis
PEARSON, George James Sr.
b 12 Feb 1892 ~ d 6 Jul 1950
Son of Alfred James PEARSON & Nora CANTY
Married to Elizabeth “Bessie” Pearson
Occupation: Salesman
Reason Dec: Hypertensive-Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease
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PEARSON, William “Bill” James, Sr
b 21 Aug 1895 ~ d 14 Mar 1961
Son of Alfred James PEARSON & Nora Canty
Married to Mary FOLEY
Occupation: Retired Police Officer
Reason Dec: Congestive Heart Failure
JARVIS, Adeline married name SCHRAUTEMEIER
b 15 Sep 1900 ~ 2 Feb 1969
Daughter of William Henry JARVIS & Elizabeth “Lizzie” KOEHOLER
Married to Barnard Schrautemeier
Occupation: Saleslady
Reson Dec: Ventricular Tachycardia
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